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ClothesPetals, Limited Liability Company is an online, multi-media platform established to showcase the trendsetters—people of color within the beauty and fashion industry—and share their stories; giving them their rightful flowers now. ClothesPetals exists because representation matters. In spaces driven by whiteness, this platform is an ode to the trendsetters, to the business owners building their own brands, to the artists splashing color across two industries that shape our views of beauty, appearance, and self-worth. It is as much about the creatives themselves as it is their creations, and ClothesPetals is here to expand our definitions of beauty and reimagine creative expression.

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Tahirah is an LA-based stylist whose day includes working at The Estée Lauder Companies while by night she is the owner of ClothesPetals, a blog that showcases the magic of BIPOC creatives in Fashion and Beauty. ClothesPetals is her house for styling, blogging, and shopping, where she works to champion mindful styling practices and empowers people to step into the best version of themselves—helping her clients discover how the subtle changes in the way we shop for our clothes can often be the most meaningful to impact the ways in which we show up for ourselves. 


To empower people—both readers and clients

—to fully embody their most authentic, and greatest sense of self. 


Does your wardrobe represent your truest self? Does it reflect the person you desire to become; the person you have always envisioned yourself to be?


As visual creatures, we’re led to make assumptions based off of what we see. The styling and shopping services empower people to step into the spotlight with a wardrobe that reflects their star power.


Click here to learn more or schedule a consultation with Tahirah! 


ClothesPetals is created with collaboration in mind. Each collection is either an original concept or a partnership with a local creative.


Each collection is an opportunity to celebrate creatives as much as their creations, giving them their rightful flowers now. 

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