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March 1, 2022: ClothesPetals Turns Four!

Right now in Los Angeles, CA, it is March 1, which means I welcome you to the Second Coming of ClothesPetals.

Happy birthday to us.

And we've come a long way.


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been quiet. December ’21 left me feeling like it was time for a change. I was sick of social media. It literally drained me to be on, and I was caught wondering how I could do things differently. If I was feeling so mentally unstable on this app, I had to also assume that there were others. And I didn’t want to contribute to the negativity. I didn’t want to add to social depression, just so people could keep up with my social content.

Might be extreme, but it made me think.

Maybe it was time for a break.

At least for a bit.

But, today? Today is special. Today is a day that will always be special, because on this day in 2018 I posted my first article.

Yep, you read that right.

It’s the anniversary of our first post—it’s technically our birthday, y’all.

A whole milestone. And I like milestones. I love celebrations. I love any reason to do something big and extra, because on this day four years ago I took a leap of faith and started writing about the unsung creatives that populate both the beauty and fashion industries.

My goal was not only to celebrate these creatives, but also empower my readers to fully embody their most authentic and greatest sense of self.

I have always felt that when you look good, you feel good, and when you see others looking good—who look like you—you also feel good, and I based my blog and website on the idea that while our sense of self-worth can be tied to how we see ourselves, it’s also tied to how we see ourselves in others, and that is why representation matters. That is why I created ClothesPetals; way back in 2018.

I don’t often share this, (and I’m definitely going to be more forthcoming about it now), but I know my services often come as a surprise. So, yes, I do also offer personal shopping and styling services, with retail and luxury being very much my second loves to beauty. While The Estée Lauder Companies has been the home of the marketing I do during the day, in my free time I’m an image consultant and stylist and personal shopper, offering different packages for my clients based on what they’re looking for and how I can help them elevate their wardrobes.

And what started as a blog has now grown tremendously over the course of four years to now include services…my personal styling and shopping now, in this year being folded into a full-blown image consulting business and I’m sitting here typing out these words like wow, honestly, because I did that. And there’s still more to come.

Because ultimately, for me, empowerment is all about the ties between how we look and how we feel—or, it’s about the ties between how we look and want to look; likewise for our present state of feeling and aspired state. And I have realized that sometime we need a little bit of help closing that gap. Because I think our clothing, our dress, our expression is empowerment. We are our ancestor’s greatest dreams. Our very existence is a luxury. Our breath is magic. We are stardust materialized.

Their legacy is ours to celebrate, much like our empowerment is their dream for us.

To me, that very understanding is a luxury.

But these thoughts have been formed after two years of damn near complete solitude and self-reflection. To be perfectly honest, my mental health has never been shakier than it has been in the last two years. I’ve never experienced depression rooted in hopelessness. And, I think what made things worse, was the self-talk that had become a reminder of patterns I had to take actionable steps to begin to break. When I was sad, I was upset with myself for not being happy. And while happiness, I have learned, is a choice, I had to sit with my sadness to reach for its opposite. I had to feel everything to move forward. I had to embrace the journey of big emotions that I’ve always had—I had just, with time, learned to suppress.

I’m not great a suppressing.

But in this journey back to myself; back to my center, I had to find things that made me happy. I had to do little things that made me happy—and I found that in getting dressed. I found that in helping others do the same. It’s something I’ve always loved and had embraced since college. I’d be on Zoom calls in a full face or find clothes online that I would plan in advance for events I didn’t even know if I would be able to go to…but it was those little things; it was the little things that made me look good and, in turn, feel good.

It’s why I’ve always loved beauty products. I’ve always loved clothes. I’ve always loved the aesthetics of luxury, because it’s always made me feel good. Something about the association with the best seemingly tailor-made for you just does it. And it’s so personal. It’s so individual. It’s why I love street style. It’s because authenticity is attractive. Authenticity looks good. Authenticity is each of us at our core. It’s the expression we have as children and somehow lose through society’s conditioning. It’s the thing we search to regain as we become adults.

It is, quite literally, the unspoken driver of adulting.

Finding ourselves again through trauma and pain and growth and life can be a painful process, but it’s liberating. Our pure creative selves are buried beneath what we think we should do for money, or who we thought we should be to please our parents. It takes a lot of strength and self-love to show up as ourselves. It takes a lot of strength and self-love to feel the fullness of our emotions. It takes a lot of strength and self-love to reframe our views of ourselves.

And, in my opinion, our views of ourselves mean the most out of anything.

Which is what I bring back to this new and improved version of ClothesPetals. I started this blog on March 1, 2018. Today is her birthday. And, as I thought of ways to celebrate, I had to acknowledge her growth. She started as just a blog and then grew into a multi-platform media company with the inclusion of the Instagram page and the LinkedIn…and then there were services added as I re-started my styling and shopping business under my own company. This past year, the apparel line—The Shop—launched, and I had to take a minute and recognize just how much has been accomplished in the past four years. Like, this realization was a moment I had to celebrate.

Like me, ClothesPetals is born and raised in Inglewood, CA. She loves her people and her community and champions authentic expression. She champions the creativity around her. She’s an advocate for the growth of thriving Black and Brown businesses in her city and abroad.

Because culture begins here; in Black and Brown neighborhoods and communities that aren’t rightfully celebrated for their contributions to everything. And ClothesPetals is here to champion all of us, so we can close the gap between where we are, and where we aspire to be.

So, this new chapter of ClothesPetals will bring more of that. I look forward to being able to share more of these stories. I remember sharing that the purpose of this blog was to not only share the achievements of creatives in these spaces, but also myself, and when I first started this journey I had no line outside of the thoughts, patterns, and sketches in a Fashionary journal. Now, that’s grown. Now, I have things to share. Now, I’m excited to share them.

With this launch comes a rebrand, a TikTok, and a Pinterest page. Stay tuned for more DIY styling tips, tricks, giveaways, collabs, and interviews. If you don’t already subscribe, subscribe! If you don’t already follow our Instagram page, follow! And if you just feel like dropping a comment or question, I’m open to receive all of that, too.

Here’s to more growth, and a birthday, in 2022.

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