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Updated: Jan 2

It’s Fall.

Which, for some, means that it’s time to pull out heavier materials and more layers and pepper our closets with clothes more appropriate for the weather and seasonal changes.

Cue, my seasonal refresh.

I do this four times throughout the year; for every season I upgrade my closet with different styles appropriate not only for changes in climate, but to account for bodily shifts as well!

I’m currently undergoing this process. In LA, “Autumn” typically looks like 50 degrees in the morning and 90 by midday, and so this shift in temperature makes picking out an outfit decidedly a bit more difficult.

I know I focus heavily on beauty when it comes to ClothesPetals, but when it comes to all things offered here, my styling and shopping services are also available, so let’s talk about them.

Y’know, just in case you might need it.

When I started my styling business, I didn’t realize just how many people truly don’t love to shop.

I know, it's crazy.

But, I'm sitting here knowing good and well that if I could shop all day and do it for a living, I would. Which is why I do that. It's one of the reasons why I started my business in the first place.

And it’s not like others simply don’t like shopping either–although, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who also fall into this category–it’s that some just don’t know how to dress their bodies; they don’t know where to shop, or they have an image of themselves they aspire to become and don’t know how to take those necessary steps to get there.

I always say it’s important not only to dress for the life you want but the brand you’d like to create. What do you want people to think and assume of you when you walk into the room? What do you want to exude when you enter a new space? Our sense of self-confidence and our wardrobes go hand in hand. Hall-of-fame cornerback and current Jackson State Head Coach Deion Sanders coined the phrase, “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.” This motto stands not just on game day. Showing up as your best self is an emotional practice that begins with the decision simply that we want better; that we’re ready to reinvent ourselves; that it’s time to step into a new chapter in our lives. A new wardrobe helps.

ClothesPetals is built on the foundation of representation. In all spaces, when we see someone who looks like us succeeding in our field, it makes us feel better about ourselves. That’s why Robyn Fenty is revolutionary. That’s why Olivier Rousteing is revolutionary. That’s why Virgil Abloh was revolutionary. We see ourselves in others; in our people; in our commonalities. And our wardrobes are pure extensions of ourselves, which, again, is attached to an emotional state. They say confidence is an inside job because confidence is purely based on how we feel about ourselves. And it’s imperative that we take necessary steps to ensure that we feel as best as we possibly can about ourselves, inside and out on a daily basis.

So, I champion this with clothing. Because I think that the more confident we are about ourselves, the better we attract. And who isn’t trying to attract the individual pieces and people and experiences that will make up his or her dream life?

My packages are reflective of this. And I offer a few, some of them built on different tiers that build upon each other. You can find them under “The Services” section on my website, but, just in case, here they are all spelled out.

If you have an upcoming event and want to impress:

The Special Event

For my professionals seeking to exude CEO energy:

The Professional Edit

The Professional Edit VIP

For anyone ready to upgrade their personal style:

The Personal Edit

The Personal Edit VIP

A complete wardrobe refresh:

The Personal & Professional Edit


The Special Event is a one-off. It’s a great entry point to working with me if you know you’re just trying to get dressed for an event or have something special planned that you need styling for–like an upcoming trip or a big business meeting. I can help with that, and this package comes complete with a style board to reference your new look, along with a shopping plan for the event and a fitting session that can be done either in-person or virtually, depending on your proximity to Los Angeles.

The Professional Edit is for the business owner or professional in need of a workwear upgrade. In this month-long package, we complete a full closet audit: a full closet overhaul of your preexisting wardrobe, including accessories. After that, we'll put together a shopping plan and style board before doing the shopping together (either virtually or in person) to fill in the needed gaps.

The Professional Edit VIP elevates the steps above and is inclusive of the full closet audit,

shopping board, and plan. Instead of one, work with me for three months as this process entails shopping not only for new clothes–we’re also getting a new suit, which you can design–custom; because every professional needs a tailored suit. With this package, I take care of dry cleaning, tailoring, and clothing donations from the closet audits if you so choose…along with a custom makeup consultation for anyone interested, to make sure you’re shade matched and prepared for any meeting.

The Personal Edit is for everyone trying to perfect their personal style. If you know you’re ready to revamp your look and it’s not just inclusive of your 9-5, this is the package for you. In this month-long session, we’ll complete a full closet audit and put together style boards for future reference, along with a shopping plan we’ll use to advise our shopping session, either in-person or virtual.

The Personal Edit VIP elevates the Personal Edit by including a custom fitting session, and a seasonal refresh–I’ll update your wardrobe twice throughout the year to accommodate seasonal changes, for Spring and Fall (or Summer and Winter)! The VIP package is also inclusive of clothing donations of any unwanted clothing from the closet audit, as well as a beauty consultation and shopping session exclusively for luxury pieces.

The Professional & Personal Edit is the best of both worlds and is a complete wardrobe overhaul. This package will provide you with two closet audits in the course of six months, a shopping plan and style boards for each season (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer), in-person fittings at a luxury boutique, and custom suiting, tailoring, beauty consultations, and clothing donations if you so choose.

Please note: travel is an additional $250 + mileage.