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The things we keep, and what we can throw away

Some things just can't come where we're going.

Happy Black History Month, everyone.

Today, we really do have a lot to celebrate.

Like, also? Happy Tuesday. Happy 2/22/22.

And, is it too late to say “Happy New Year?”

It might be. We’re now deep into February. In a minute it’ll be March. We’ve already made it through January, which, for some reason, always feels like four months rolled into one.

Well, maybe I can. Happy Lunar New Year. On the first of the month, we collectively entered the year of the Water Tiger; a new opportunity to set positive intentions and manifest…making our dreams a reality.

Centered around the twelve cycles of the moon, this new year has been prophesized to bring good fortune, especially in the areas of love and family matters. The Tiger is a symbol of bravery, strength and confidence, and water is the element of beautiful unpredictability. It’s time to step into a new chapter of inner strength, people. It’s time to embrace both the calm and the storm.

It’s time to make room.

A long time ago, I heard that when you have the sudden urge to clean, it's actually God telling you to do just that. It’s time to clear out some space; get rid of the clutter. And, whether or not you believe in a higher power, the old adage, "Out with the old, in with the new," shares a pretty similar message.

I don't know if you feel it, too, but there's something in the air. Something new is upon us. Maybe it’s the two’s. Seen two’s on a Tuesday; the second day of the week. Maybe it's the nudge to try something new. Maybe somewhere we’re being called to reinvent ourselves. Maybe it’s time to embrace the power of the Water Tiger this 2022, on this two’s day. Wherever you are in life, I’m sure your heart is guiding you in a direction. Regardless of your circumstances, we are being called. To where? You’d have to tell me. But I say it’s the perfect time to answer.

It’s time to clean.

So now, let’s talk about clutter, because it's something that affects all of us. Our physical spaces are reflections of ourselves, always. Am I the only one who will just randomly get up with the sudden urge to clean? Sometimes you can’t even think in a mess and I think that’s the perfect example. Sometimes, we have to learn how we can get rid of the unnecessary to clear our homes and, in doing so, our mind.

There's a psychology behind our closets.

One of my most rewarding services I offer as a stylist is “The Closet Clean-Out,” because it’s one of those things that is just so necessary. Sometimes, you need to go through your clothes with someone else to get you to actually get rid of some items and actually throw things away. Are you someone who is hanging onto one item from an old wardrobe? Are you still carrying worn out clothes?

I know I go through my own clothes and make excuses for why they should continue to take up space.

“I’ll wear it eventually.”

“It’s cute—even though I haven’t worn it, I should keep it.”

“It was a gift, I should definitely keep it.”

And the list goes on and on and on.

I’m not alone in this, and in the time that I’ve offered this service I’ve seen an uptick in client requests in the midst of this panorama. For the past two years, as we patiently await mandate lifts and test the waters of travel, many of us—myself included—have collected a lot of clothes; some clothes—again, something I, myself, am guilty of—that still sport their price tags.

Because where have I gone?


Basically nowhere.

So, it’s time to figure out exactly which items (and how many items) your next wardrobe really requires. Because honestly? It feels wasteful, almost, to have so many clothes and all of nowhere to go.

This whole new era that we’re living in, it’s prompted such a shift in consumer patterns. And, with sustainable fashion and the resale market on the rise, many of us are taking a good look at our closets and asking if our old clothes even look like us anymore.

Another opportunity at a fresh start.

Time to reevaluate what’s worth it. What do we hold onto that we should let go of? How can we reimagine ourselves? How does our wardrobe reflect the old us? How can we update them to be more reflective of the new?

We hold onto beliefs in our clothes. Our closets house memories, and with those memories are past experiences and our sense of self all wrapped up in fabrics. They dictate to others an impression of us as much as they do to ourselves. In what ways can we update this?


Just like we exchange linens for wools with changing seasons, so must we recycle and donate the things that we no longer can, or should, wear.

And now is a perfect time.

What are the stories we’re telling ourselves? How can we revise those stories?

One of my clients experienced a traumatic loss during the pandemic. Her security blanket were the sweaters she bought when shopping became her coping mechanism. When I helped clean out the closet, those went untouched. We kept all of them.

Another client of mine, after years of working in corporate America, sought personal shopping assistance to update a wardrobe with more flare. Now as a business owner, there is no longer a need for the drab outfits in corporate. Now is the time to spice up an attire no longer barred by office mandates.

Our worlds are constantly changing, and us in them. We are constantly asked to reevaluate ourselves, our environments, our circles. The same, nearly rolled into these reflections of us, goes for the garments taking space in our closets.

My rule as your stylist? If you love it, buy it. The pieces paired with it are secondary. Why? Because what’s stopping you? What’s telling you ‘No’? What’s keeping you from sporting something that makes you feel good? What’s stopping you from taking that risk?

What’s stopping you from feeling good about yourself?

I think that’s one of the reasons I have always loved street style, because regardless of fashion “rules,” you see people pair pieces authentically and, regardless of the colors or prints or patterns, things just work. They just look cool—and I realize as I’ve gotten older and started styling that all of that comes down to the confidence of the model. It’s because the model is also the muse.

I love that.

It’s my mission in this year to do more of that. To not only authentically represent myself and unfold more into me but to help others do the same. Break all of the rules. Speak clearly and loudly. Allow your presence to be undeniable. Let your creativity catalyze your self-empowerment.

It’s time. It’s the year of the Water Tiger, after all. It’s a day of seven two’s. It’s the year we take bold steps forward. It’s a year we unabashedly enjoy our own presence; our own existence.

And while this can be relayed to multiple areas of our lives, sometimes it’s the littlest things that help.

Sometimes, it’s our wardrobe that fuels our feel-good.

And all I want is for more and more of us to feel good. Especially about ourselves.

So, happy new year. Happy Black History Month. Happy Two’s Day. Here’s to more good things coming your way.


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