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Hi, I'm Tahirah Christine

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You're only one outfit away from your dream life.


You are simply too radiant, too divine, and too magical to live your life wearing boring clothes. Okay? I said it.  In fact, you are far too powerful to hide in pieces that you don't completely love. And it's my job, first and foremost, to help you feel your dream life like it's already manifested because you already dress like it has.

So, that perfect partner, those dream clients, that higher salary can all be yours now once you've assumed the feeling that they already are. And what better way to feel like the person you desire to be than to dress like them?


My name is Tahirah Christine Goins-Nall, and I am an Elite Global Stylist & Confidence Coach here to make you feel like the woman you've dreamt of being with a closet full of clothes you love. 

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Next to women,
flowers are the most 

divine creations.   
-Christian Dior

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Our Style

Virtual Styling Services

These services focus on providing quick and efficient style advice and recommendations, catering to those who require immediate assistance or prefer shorter sessions, all from the comfort of your computer.

Personalized Styling Packages

These services offer personalized styling experiences tailored to your individual needs. Whether you're seeking inspiration for your everyday outfits or need assistance in creating the perfect look for a photo shoot, these packages provide comprehensive guidance and creative direction.

This category caters to the desire for a shared styling and shopping experience. Ideal for friends or colleagues, these services offer a fun and interactive environment where large groups can explore fashion together with the guidance of expert stylists.

Group Experiences

These styling courses provide a holistic approach to style development, offering a combination of educational modules, practical tools like Style Kits and shopping advice, and empowering confidence coaching to help you build your own style foundation and feel confident in expressing yourself through fashion.

Style Development Courses

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